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Central Hall Market

Not only a good place to pick up souvenirs, but also a fun place for people-watching. The balcony overlooking the whole market is an experience you should not miss.

Castle Hill

Ignore the tourist sights for an hour and just stroll along the side streets which wind around, allowing yourself to get lost while admiring the architecture of the area.… Read the rest here →



Margaret Island (Margit-sziget)

Sunrise to sunset, you can find a number of garden areas on the enchanting island in the Danube. During the summer months, the whimsical fountain, set within one of the beautiful garden areas, plays classical music while spraying water in time to the music.… Read the rest here →

With your transit pass in hand, tour Budapest and orient yourself from the windows of the city’s many trams. Hop on a tram and ride it to the end of the line, get out, and take it back again.


This is also an inexpensive hop-on, hop-off way to sightsee, checking out things that catch your eye along the way.… Read the rest here →


If you want to start at the highest point, you will have to go to János-Hegy (John Hill) where the tower is 529m (1,736 ft) high. On a clear day, you might just see the Tátra Mountains. The best way to get there is the chairlift.… Read the rest here →