“Check, Please!” & Other Tipping Tips

Fizetek, kérem! = “Check, Please!”

One of the glorious holdovers from times past is the ability to sit in any drink or food establishment without concern of being hurried out the door. Unless the doors are closing for the evening, no one will approach you to pay your bill until you signal that you are ready; therefore, you can linger for hours on end.… Read the rest here →

Where to Dine in Budapest

The Budapest restaurant scene has been hard hit by the global crisis, in addition to the Hungarian downturn in the economy. The former means less tourism creating a “now you see it, now you don’t” situation with some restaurants lasting only 3 months before throwing in the frying pan.… Read the rest here →

Planning Your Trip to Budapest

Having joined the European Union in 2004, the tourism infrastructure has developed at a furious pace in Hungary. There are many high-quality hotels and restaurants for all budgets, yet new hotels and dining opportunities continue to appear on the scene.… Read the rest here →