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Name: Palace of Arts
Category: Museums and art
Location: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.



Müpa is the place where tickets are bought months prior to the events and it’s not looked down to wait for student tickets to the gallery before performances.… Read the rest here →

The famous buildings of the capital’s premier park were erected by enthusiastic Budapest citizens to commemorate the country’s millennium in 1896.


At the imposing Hősök tere (Heroes’ square) the Archangel Gabriel raises the Holy Crown to a height of 36 m.… Read the rest here →

If, like many, you are looking for the old Communist statues that decorated the city, you will be disappointed to find that shortly after the fall of Communism they were moved to Memento Park in the XXII district where they are on display.… Read the rest here →