Kodály körönd

Name: Kodály körönd
Category: Architecture, castles and historic districts
Location: 1062 Budapest, Kodály körönd


An elegant square with four symmetrical buildings in a circle arch. Four impressive statues of people depicted in the struggle against the Turks decorate the lawns.… Read the rest here →

Budapest’s Bests in Two Days


After a hard day of major sightseeing on Day 1, take the plunge and relax in one of Budapest’s world-renowned thermal baths, while still admiring its architectural beauty, then get out and about again to uncover some of the unique buildings that reflect the country’s varied and troubled past.… Read the rest here →

The best places to stop in Budapest



Margaret Island (Margit-sziget)

Sunrise to sunset, you can find a number of garden areas on the enchanting island in the Danube. During the summer months, the whimsical fountain, set within one of the beautiful garden areas, plays classical music while spraying water in time to the music.… Read the rest here →