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Hungarians enjoy attending sporting matches and watching them on TV as much as they do participating. The most popular spectator sports are football and water polo, though motor racing, horse racing – both trotting and flat racing – and even sakk (competitive chess) have their fans.… Read the rest here →

In general Hungarians – and people from Budapest in particular – are not uninhibited like the extroverted Romanians or sentimental Slavs who laugh or cry at the drop of a hat (or drink). They are reserved, somewhat formal people.

Forget the impassioned, devil-maycare, Gypsy-fiddling stereotype – it doesn’t exist and probably never did.… Read the rest here →

With some 1.85 million inhabitants, Budapest is home to almost a fifth of the national population. The overwhelming majority are Magyars, an Asiatic people of obscure origins who do not speak an Indo-European language and make up the vast majority of Hungary’s 10.083 million people.… Read the rest here →