Travelling to Budapest with children


With no doubt, Budapest is safe and a child-friendly city. There are plenty places to entertain young ones. Hungarians tend to be welcoming to kids without making them the centre of attention as you might experience it in Italy.

Facilities are a bit patchy, though; while the network of playgrounds is marvellous, nappy-changing facilities (pelenkázó in Hungarian) are hard to find (but we find more & more in last years) – they’re mostly concentrated in big shopping malls.… Read the rest here →

Dental & Medical Trips


As humorous as it may seem to include dental or medical tourism in a tour guide, Hungary has been known for decades for its high-quality and low-cost dental services. Many Austrians and Germans have been coming here for years and the good word has extended through the rest of Europe and over to the U.S.… Read the rest here →

Adventure & Wellness Trips


Much of Hungary is located over natural spring waters allowing many of the towns and cities an opportunity to create wellness oasis spots. You should be aware that the mineral content of the water is believed to have healing properties for diseases and ailments related to skin conditions, respiratory, muscle, or bone problems.… Read the rest here →