In general, dress is very casual in Budapest – in summer, daringly brief, even by Continental European standards – and many people attend even the opera in denim. Men needn’t bother bringing a necktie; it will be seldom – if ever – used.

Like everywhere, Budapest has its own fashion boutiques and home-grown designers.

Judging from what’s on offer in some of the used or “second-generation” clothing shops such as Iguana and Ciánkáli, the über-trend on the street is for retro (1950s to 70s) and fetishist (leather, military) foundation pieces and accessories.

What the masses are going for is another matter. The high-street favourite C&A has launched three new stores in Budapest and Spanish fashion chain Zara, much beloved by the braces-and-bubblegum brigade, has opened a 2400-sq-metre outlet on Váci utca.