Fast Facts

Budapest facts and figures

Area: 525 square kilometres (in a north–south direction approx. 25 km, east–west approx. 29 km)
Population: 1.815.000
Population density: 3456 persons/ square kilometre
Administrative structure: 23 districts
Buda: comprising one-third of the area of the city on the hilly, right bank of the Danube
Pest: comprising two-thirds of the area of the city on the flat, left bank of the Danube
Islands (from north to south): Óbuda Island, Margaret Island, Csepel Island
Bridges: nine bridges, of which two are rail bridges

Other information


Budapest, the capital of Hungary has every category of accommodation from luxury hotel to paying guest rooms.… Read the rest here →

Staying connected

For calls within Hungary, but outside of Budapest, dial the city code followed by the six or seven-digit number. For calls within Budapest, just dial the seven-digit number.

If the number is a mobile phone, to call from a non-mobile phone, you first dial 06, then the mobile numbers (20, 30, or 70) preceding the seven digits: for example 06 70 315-8828, if you were to call me from a non-mobile phone.… Read the rest here →