Budapest’s Average Daily Temperatures

Hungary has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters where temperatures often linger below freezing point.

Summers are hot and long, occasionally uncomfortable, with temperatures hitting the high 32C 80–90F as early as mid-June and sometimes staying there until mid-September.

The changeover to cooler temperatures at the end of September or October can leave people wondering what’s happened to fall and vice versa to spring in May.

However, like many other countries these days, precise temperatures are increasingly challenging to predict as the effects of climate change take hold. A typically cold one can follow a highly mild Mediterranean-type winter.

Average Temperatures in Budapest

High °C14101521242626221673
High °F343950597075797972614537
Low °C-3-226111416151272-1
Low °F272836435257615954453630

Average Rainfall in Budapest


Average Daily Sunshine Hours in Budapest


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