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Weather forecast for Budapest

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This page will show you some of the most important climatic data related to Budapest: maximum and minimum temperatures, average temperature, rainfall, and sunshine hours.

Climatic characteristics of Budapest

Record max. temperature (°C)18,119,725,430,234,039,540,739,435,220,822,619,340,7
Average max. temperature (°C)1,24,510,216,321,424,426,526,022,116,18,13,115,0
Average temperature (°C)−1,61,15,611,115,919,020,820,216,411,04,80,410,4
Average min. temperature (°C)−4,0−1,71,76,310,813,915,414,911,56,72,1−1,86,3
Record min. temperature (°C)−25,6−23,4−15,1−4,6−1,63,05,95,0−3,1−9,5−16,4−20,8−25,6
Average rainfall (mm)393737476570505043476049593
Monthly hours of sunshine558413718223024827425519715667481933

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