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Budapest has an extensive and efficient transportation system. If you have some patience and minimal skills with reading maps, you can easily learn the system. The biggest disadvantage, however, is that metros and tram routes shut down for the night at around 11:30pm.… Read the rest here →


Senior discounts are hit and miss. The general rule for senior discounts, specifically for museum entry, is that they are reserved for E.U. citizens. However, more often than not, the cashier will not question your citizenship when you are purchasing a ticket, so request a senior discount from the start.… Read the rest here →

Budapest’s 4 metro trains, buses and trams reach most areas of interest to tourists, while the outer suburbs are well served by the overground HÉV rail network. See more here about public transportation in Budapest.


Budapest has an extensive, efficient, and inexpensive public transportation system, but locals without global experiences, disagree with this.… Read the rest here →