Name: Óbuda
Category: Architecture, castles and historic districts
Location: 1033 Budapest, Fő tér

Óbuda has a lot to keep you occupied: Medieval main square and Aquincum, the remnants of the Roman-time settlement bearing the same name for history buffs and Római-part for the lovers of nature.… Read the rest here →


Name: Aquincum
Category: Archaeological and historical sites
Location: 1031 Budapest, Szentendrei út 139.


Aquincum, founded in the 1C, enjoyed its heyday in the 2C and 3C. The ruins clearly show the plan of the city: roads intersecting at right angles, a sewerage system and a variety of buildings (public baths, large covered market, craft workshops, merchants’ shops and private houses).… Read the rest here →

Neighborhoods in brief


Castle District (Várnegyed). This district is the city’s most beautiful and historic dating back to the 13th century, with some settlements here even earlier. This is district I, which is a small district that encompasses the plateau where the grand Royal Palace and grounds fill the southern end above the surrounding neighborhoods and the Danube below.… Read the rest here →