Cave Hospital

Name: Cave Hospital
Category: Museums & Art
Location: 1012 Budapest, Lovas út 4/c
Phone: +36 70 7 01 01 01


Cave Hospital
Cave Hospital


Good to know about the Cave Hospital

  • Cave Hospital is an underground complex beneath Buda Castle
  • The place served as a military hospital in WWII and as a nuclear shelter during the Cold War Originally it used to be a wine cellar; later, in the Turkish times, it became a hiding place for treasures and women from the harem
  • The complex occupies 2000 sq m (6,560 sq ft); it was designed for 300 patients and 40 doctors and nurses worked here in shifts
  • In the last days of the WWII Budapest siege, more than 600 patients were squeezed in these windowless rooms filled with smell of blood, sweat and urine
  • The museum opened in 2008; it contains the original medical instruments and close to 70 wax figures
  • The guided tours are rich with anectodes and stories that make visiting the museum a great experience

Tip: The museum can only be visisted on guided tours, which depart on the hour. Please note that it is not allowed to take photos inside the museum.

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