What are the most common tourist scams in Budapest?

Questions & AnswersCategory: General TravelWhat are the most common tourist scams in Budapest?
Budapest Guide Staff asked 9 years ago
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David from travelscams.org answered 7 years ago

Great article, thanks for the tips! With the lively capital of Budapest covered in vibrant bars, traditional bathhouses, and ornate architecture, and the natural splendour of the Danube River and Lake Balaton, Hungary is a joy to visit. However, there are tourist targeted scams to be aware of here http://travelscams.org/europe/common-tourist-scams-hungary/
Do be wary of drink spiking, extortionate bar bills, tourist menu scams, pickpocketing, fake merchandise, three shell game scam, snatch theft, rogue taxis, rosemary scam and many more!

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