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Oofy Prosser asked 6 years ago

On your Fast Facts page, you say “Senior Travelers Foreign senior citizens are entitled to the same free public transport right as Hungarians.”
Is this true for all senior citizens or only for EU seniors?

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Budapest Guide Staff answered 7 years ago

You are right; there is something to clarify: All the European Union members are offered with the senior discounts, non-EU travelers must pay the actual (discounted) fares.

Note: Sadly, this discount is not offered for any of the Hungarians in the member states of the EU, however, almost all EU member citizens earn 5-10-20 times of the Hungarian average pension. This is why we do believe; it would be much more easy to pay for full travel fares for non-Hungarian seniors than it is for Hungarians abroad. Of course, it does not mean that the discounts here shall be canceled, but the EU member states shall take into account the senior foreign citizens.

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