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Any day when pleasant weather is in the forecast, people flock to one of the parks or Margaret Island to enjoy the fresh air and one another’s company.


Families stroll along with their young children while young lovers enjoy each other’s company, and the older folks reminisce about the old and better times.… Read the rest here →

With your transit pass in hand, tour Budapest and orient yourself from the windows of the city’s many trams. Hop on a tram and ride it to the end of the line, get out, and take it back again.


This is also an inexpensive hop-on, hop-off way to sightsee, checking out things that catch your eye along the way.… Read the rest here →


Many people don’t bother to look up at the top of buildings, missing much. Aside from the historic listings, Magyar Államkincstár on Hold utca across from where Perczel Mór utca comes into it is one of the favorite buildings in Budapest; it is now part of the National Bank.… Read the rest here →


If you want to start at the highest point, you will have to go to János-Hegy (John Hill) where the tower is 529m (1,736 ft) high. On a clear day, you might just see the Tátra Mountains. The best way to get there is the chairlift.… Read the rest here →